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We dont have 49 diferent strains from Dinafem in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Blue Cheese stock:Available
Blue Cheese Autoflowering stock:Available
Blue Fruit stock:Available
Blue Hash stock:Available
Blue Thai stock:Available
Blue Widow stock:Available
California Hash Plant stock:Available
Cheese stock:Available
Cheese Autoflowering stock:Available
Cloud #9 stock:Available
Critical Cheese Autoflowering stock:Available
Critical Jack stock:Available
Critical Jack Automatic stock:Available
Critical Kush stock:Available
Critical Mass CBD stock:Available
Critical+ stock:Available
Critical+ 2.0 Autoflowering stock:Available
Critical+ Automatic stock:Available
Deep Cheese stock:Available
Diesel stock:Available
Dinachem stock:Available
Dinamex stock:Available
Fruit Automatic stock:Available
Haze 2.0 Autoflowering stock:Available
Haze Automatic stock:Available
Industrial Plant stock:Available
Dinafem stock:Available
Moby Dick stock:Available
Moby Dick #2 stock:Available
Moby Dick Autoflowering stock:Available
Moby Hash stock:Available
OG Kush stock:Available
Original Amnesia stock:Available
Original Amnesia Autoflowering stock:Available
Original Strawberry Cough stock:Available
Power Kush stock:Available
Roadrunner #2 stock:Available
Roadrunner Automatic stock:Available
Royale Haze stock:Available
Santa Sativa stock:Available
Shark Attack stock:Available
Shark Shock CBD stock:Available
Super Critical Haze stock:Available
Super Silver stock:Available
Sweet Deep Grapefruit stock:Available
White Cheese Autoflowering stock:Available
White Siberian stock:Available
White Widow stock:Available
White Widow Autoflowering stock:Available